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Meet Our Team


Israel Stanley 

Former NFL Player: 

San Diego Chargers

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Bucaneers

NFL Scout/Saint Louis Rams

Former College Football Coach

ASU Football Player

ASU Baseball Player

Point Loma High School Football and Baseball Player


Nicolas Ricciardulli

Nicholas Ricciardulli
Former Elementary School PE Teacher
Collegiate Athlete
Humboldt State University-2X All American
Honoree/Conference Player of the Year,
Conference and School Record Breaker.
National Bowl Collegiate All Star Game MVP
Professional Athlete
Milan Rhinos-Undefeated Italian
Champions. Regular Season League MVP
and Italian Super Bowl MVP.
Coaching career: Current Westview High
School Varsity Assistant Head Coach,
Running backs/Player Development
Former Poway High School Varsity Run
Game Coordinator/Running Backs/Returners
Former Rock Academy Varsity Offensive

"As a Former Collegiate and NFL Football player, I've seen first-hand the damage of banging your head day after day. With that being said, I do love the game, and so does my 9-year-old son!

To protect my son's young brain from exposure to head trauma, and for him to be able to play the sport he loves so much, I started Phenom Flag Football. 

I personally do not believe it is necessary to play tackle football at a young age. Through flag football, the kids can learn and understand the rules and strategies of football safely. With that training, if they choose, they are still prepared to play football on a contact level when they are older."
Former NFL Player
Founder Phenom Flag Football 
The benefits of high-level coaching cannot be overlooked when discussing Phenom Flag Football.
By competing in Phenom, players are exposed to a fast pace and well-organized training structure  designed by coaches with experience at the high school, college and professional levels.

Unlike most flag football leagues, we have structured our game rules  as close as possible to tackle football. We believe in preparing the youth to understand the game of football and the rules in a safe environment without having to play tackle football at such a young age.  
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